8 Traditional Diwali Sweet Hampers to Delight Your Dear Ones

Desserts and celebrations of India are co-identified with one another. So when Diwali is around the corner, what else can be better than gifting magnificent Deepavali sweets? If you are mistaken for which desserts to give your friends and family this year on Diwali, at that point, this article makes certain to get you out. Read on the article to find out about famous Diwali desserts.

Deepawali, the most anticipated celebration of Hindus, is popularly known as the ‘celebration of lights’ in India. For the Hindus in India, Deepawali is perhaps the greatest festival known for its different mythological aspects. When Diwali, the celebration of lights, is around the corners, it is the best an ideal opportunity to start up with Diwali shopping. It isn’t just to begin looking for Diwali items for Lakshmi Puja but also for Diwali desserts.

Numerous thoughts hit your brain with Diwali’s idea, like decorating items, a Designer light set, a pack of dry fruits products, fire-crackers, etc. However, one present hamper that is included with everything is a sweet hamper. Without the exchanging of desserts, celebrations are never called as complete in India. So when feeling confused to pick the best Diwali present to introduce your dear ones, pick Diwali desserts to brighten up your friends and family.

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Top Diwali Sweet Gift hampers for your dear ones:

Kaju Katli

If you need to buy Diwali sweets online, that is most loved of all. So, if you like it too, at that point, a pack of Kaju katli is the correct option to choose as a Diwali present. Here it is your decision concerning the choice of the quantity of the sweet to pack. Also, you can pick the packing for the Kaju katli hamper. The choices available are basically for thali packing, decorative gift box packing, Kaju katli is an ornamental packing, etc.


Another particularly famous Diwali sweet hamper is a pack of boondi ke ladoo. It’s not exclusively a favored Diwali blessing alternative yet, also one of the most loved sweetest joys of most Indians. All you need is to get it packed in a lovely or exciting sweet box that makes it a more rewarding present for your dear ones.

Soan Papdi

One sweet pleasure convenient to convey and give to family and friends on Diwali is soan papdi. You will get a wide scope of soan papdi in the market in different packing with different quantities choices for Deepawali. This is the best present to welcome your dear ones with Diwali wishes.


To gift Diwali’s sweetest delight, a pack of Rasgulla is just the best gifting option. All you need is select the quantity of the rasgulla you want to get packed for your loved ones. Your loved ones are sure to cheer up with joy on getting something so delightful to treat delicious sweet on this Diwali from you.


Well, this dessert joy is a complete Diwali item, helping buyers fight to celebrate the occasion. Petha is made using winter melon, which is generally called by the name of Ash gourd. They are baked rigorously in sugar syrup and appear as soft candies or pieces of soft crystals. They can be eaten just dry or by dipping further in syrup like traditional Rosogollas. This dessert has various health benefits, such as stopping acidity, owing to the main ingredient Winter melon’s digestive properties.

Malai Barfi

Numerous call it Milk cake! What’s more, yes, they are as tasty as a smooth cake and are ideal for the stomach, which is exhausted of rich curries and roasted snacks. Indians make barfis as bars, stacked with cream and basic flavors like cardamom pistachios. In certain sorts, dry organic products like cashews and almonds are too included, making this sweet nutritious for your health.


The name says it all. It is popularly the most refreshing sweet item for a lot of people. And make the joyful season happier and pleasant. Phirni is a delicious pudding cooled at low temperatures. Its main ingredient is rice flour, and the rest ingredients used are sugar, ghee, almond, cashews, some milk cream, and saffron. Ideally, it is eaten in the day time as phirni is cool.


Kheer or payasam is Diwali’s sweets for their attractive appearance and the capability to keep the sugar craving fulfilled for long. Made of brownish rice, milk, and sugar, it can keep the belly fuller for hours. Boiled brown rice is first boiled in the milk with sugar or syrup, seasoning, raisins, roasted nuts, berries, cashew nuts, cashew milk, and elaichi or cardamom are used.

India has always been famous due to all its extensive culinary feat in desserts and sweet foods. However, very few know unique Indian desserts, too, as the Diwali season’s delicacies. This time you can buy and send Diwali gifts delivery in India to your dear ones. Suppose you choose to buy sweet hampers online. But hurry as Diwali is now approaching fast.

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