How to Identify Evil People in Your Life?

“It is man’s own mind not it’s enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways”
– Buddha

Pinning down who and what is evil is somehow difficult. No one is evil but their behavior makes the person evil to eye. Today’s world owes more bad rather than good ones. Spotting such kind of people in the society is required to live a safer and happier life. Dealing with such kind of people is difficult as they are the silent killers to one’s life and can hurt you moon and back.Human flaws are common, but flaws should not effect other ones in any way , but basically people do so.Evil feature is neither inherited neither transferred from one person to other. Nor, they are lifelong features, moreover it can be changed if the person wants to do so. 

Buddha Quotes
Buddha Quotes

Evil ones we face day to day life unknowingly, so some are the warning signs that should be identified and stay away from such kind of people. And, below are the few signs.

  1. They lie: True people has nothing to hide to others, devious ones always does to benefit themselves.When caught they use hundreds of ways to validate the lie, but try to intrigued and ignore such.
  2. They distort facts: Playing fowl in back of yours.Evil words in absence of yours, showing a negative prospect of image to others, in gain of some profit to oneself.
  3. They misguide you: Taken advice, but he or she misguides you for own benefit. And push  you in wrong direction, because of jealousy.
  4. Happy at your Misfortunes: When you fail, the person is most happiest, because they relish in your mistakes. Everything they do is to benefit them, and hurt you.
  5. They Always Deny Things: Person who is always defensive, and never have good thoughts. Stay away from such kind of destructive people. Beacuase they are planning something malicious act against you.

Sense such kind of qualities around you.Wait and think on those points and analyse because they always have bad intentions for you.Those are the qualities that the evils bear but there are some types of people from whom one should also stay away too. 

  • Egoistic – Ego is the most envious feature that makes a person blind in its own pride, and makes others show lower than him. A false construction of ideology of one importance and ability.
  • Hypocritics– Opposite of what he or she preaches.They generally tells people what to do and not to, without following it by himself. People call then immoral double standards in day to day life.
  • Selfish- Concerned about oneself rather to others.Many people takes as it a personality disorders called as narcissistic behaviour or self centered.But never mix self love with selfish or self centered. Because self love is just loving yourself first in alieu with the others and putting thoughts for others in backseat.
  • Jealous- Resentment against someone’s success or good things when happen known as jealousy. It can be fixed by stopping comparison with others lives. Because one should never compare own ability and disability with others. A Danish proverb “If envy were a fever, all the world would be ill”. 

One way to liberate yourself of such kind of people is to leave them behind and walk away. Because you can force those to change, the change can only possible when he or she is willing to be, until then nothing is possible.

“We cannot control the evil tongues of others, but a good life enables us to disregard them.”

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