Embrace Good Habits For Rest Of Life

Quite aware that, saying good habits embracing them are all odds things that to be discussed when the world facing such kind of pandemic situation. But believe me, we can’t stop living because, it feels like earth is going to be end. True!! Nowadays the situation is weird, and lockdown in the world, making heads living in the home quarantine. So, to make the quarantine period worthwhile, one can easily practice good habits in the couple of days and embrace them. This is not bad idea to develope some good habits  and making it part of whole life.

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Today’s busy life makes everybody negligence for health and forced to live a life full of problems. So during this locking down period one may practice to have good habits that can add on to life, to make it more eventual and happy ever after.

1. Mediate

People like successful life example Anthony Robbinson , Oprah they add on mediation in their success plan as a part of their daily routine. For high performance level, distressful and increasing productivity it is necessary to make it part in daily routine.

 2. Daily goals

My post always ask, people to clutter things in life. Rather making it simple, just by prioritise the daily goals according to its level of emergency. As it is easier to work accordingly, when one knows its importance  ( what to do when, with deadlines). Then it always easy to match the dates and complete the work at on its time. Make few minutes for mind to prioritise the things to achieve/do during the day like while sitting idle or travelling in OLA or Uber, take earphones out calm the mind, make a list of things that to be completed on time. I know people will ask why earphones, that it is just to stop the traffic jam in one’s brain, nowadays each n everybody faces the mob of problems juggling throughout the mind.So it’s always required to stop the chaos and focus on important things.

 3. Eat Breakfast

First meal is necessary for good health, boosts memory, adds energy and enhances concentration. Overall health can only makes a body work properly. Healthy mind is just like a engine as it will drive all the things with it on time.

 4. Move body

To increase mental clarity, muscle tone up is a crucial one. Sitting in a chair for 8-10 hours is just like making a doll sit in a place like a non-living creature. So toning body by exercise or my yogic steps can also adds upto mental, physical well being. And it also adds up positive vibes around in workplace, when mind is full of good vibes then only you can make your surroundings good.

 5. Visualize the day

A uncommon perspective from the daily dose. Always try to visualise the day with good thoughts, thinking of good things and making plans for a day ahead creates a positive atmosphere all around. It is said by philosophers, when you visualise the undone work with positive mindset, then you are half completed and half achieved because positive attracts postive energy. Never stop to visualise, keep faith and start with positive perspective. 

The top five habits are just the common terms of day to day life, but still people fail to understand. Still depressed and stressed and feel neglected. Practicing such not only make yourself better, but also help your surroundings to perform better, as said earlier positive attracts positive. Practice the habits, hope it is already embibed while reading one or the other  in your day to day life and make it worthwhile.

“Habit is the nursery of errors”- Victor Hugo

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