How to Protect Yourself from Holi Colors?

Holi the festival of colors is just a few days away. Everybody is eagerly waiting to celebrate the festival of colour along with a happy long weekend. Family gathering, sharing happy Holi wishes and blessing, food and parties make people enjoy the most. Playing with colour is very much the essence of Holi.

Nowadays, natural skin-friendly colors are replaced by synthetic colors that may have serious side effects on the skin. Guru On time share a few preparatory steps to protect yourself from holi colors.

Holi: Festival of Colors

Steps to Protect Yourself from Colors in Holi

1.Cover Most of Your Body Parts:

To protect your skin from Holi colors, wear long sleeves and full-length bottoms to avoid colors interact with your skin.  Covering the maximum of the skin with clothes in the festival. Thus there will be less of skin exposed will protect you from Holi colors.

2. Apply Cold Cream or Oil:

On the exposed body part like your face and hands apply Vaseline, olive oil, coconut oil, mustard oil before start playing with colors in Holi. The slipperiness of the oil will avoid colors to stick to your skin.

3. Wear Protective Sunglasses Or Eyewear:

Protecting your eyes from Holi colors is also necessary. While playing Holi wear sunglasses or eyewear look fashionable and also a good idea for protecting your eyes. In any case, if you feel irritation while playing Holi than wash your eyes with cold water, see an eye specialist.

Girls Playing Holi wearing Sunglasses

4. Apply Oil On Hair Thoroughly :

Before enjoying the color of festivals, it is important to apply oil to your hair thoroughly. As the oily substance will avoid colors to stick to your hairs, also it can be removed easily.

5. Wear Dark Color Clothes:

Avoid wearing light colored or white cloths while playing clothes. As light color clothes absorb more amount of colors than dark cloth. Women should especially avoid light color clothes as they might appear transparent after getting wet. 

Adult Man Enjoying Holi in India

6. Apply Nail Polish:

Every girl love their nails too much, It is important to keep it safe from synthetic colors during Holi festival. You should apply nail polish also trim your nails if necessary.

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