How to enable WhatsApp dark mode on Android and iOS?

WhatsApp has finally rolled a new dark mode on Android and iOS apps globally. After beta testing on both iOS and Android operating systems over a couple of months, WhatsApp dark mode is available for all users on  March 3, 2020. WhatsApp new dark mode is one of the most requested features over the last couple of years.

In iOS 13 or Android 10 operating system settings, dark mode will be automatically applied. It clearly means that if the operating system dark mode will be activated than WhatsApp dark mode will be applied automatically.

In a post on its blog, WhatsApp wrote: “During testing we found that combining pure black and white creates high contrast that can lead to eye fatigue,” explains a WhatsApp spokesperson. “So instead, you’ll notice a special dark gray background and off-white color that lowers the brightness of the screen, cuts down the glare, and improves contrast and readability.”

The dark mode on WhatsApps comes in different shades for Android and iOS operatingt sysytem – it is dark grey shade on Android 10 and purely dark on iOS 13. WhatsApp’s dark mode is available as a part of the latest update on both Android and iOS via Google Play Store and App Store, respectively.

Steps to enable dark mode on WhatsApps for Android

  • After updating WhatsApp to the latest version, open the app
  • Go to Settings, followed by a tap on Chats
  • Now, you will see here Theme option here, tap on it
  • Choose Dark from the menu and tap OK
  • You have set the dark theme on your smartphone running Android 9 or lower

Steps to enable dark mode on WhatsApps for iOS

Visit the Settings app on your iPhone

  • Go to the App Store on iOS and update the WhatsApp
  • Once this is done, go into the app and hit Settings.
  • In the Chats section, click on Theme and then select ‘Dark’.

Enable WhatsApps Dark mode In iOS 13

  • Visit the Settings app on your iPhone
  • Select the Display and Brightness tab
  • Select the dark mode
  • WhatsApp dark mode will be enabled

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Hope you enjoy the dark mode of WhatsApps. Comment to share your experience.

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