JioFiber Benefits – JioFiber Broadband Connection and Internet

JioFiber broadband service is based on Fiber Optic technology.  Reliance Jio offers a range of unlimited high-speed data broadband plans upto 1Gbps to customers with lots of benefits. The company’s truly unlimited Jio broadband plans are available at a starting price of Rs. 399 per month and goes upto Rs. 8499 per month for speeds of upto 1Gbps. JioFiber Broadband Benefits with unlimited voice and complimentary subscription to 15 OTT apps worth Rs. 1,800 monthly Subscriptions. The JioFiber plan offers unlimited data at speed of up to 100Mbps and a free subscription to 10 OTT apps such as Voot, Zee5, AltBalaji, Disney+ Hotstar VIP, and more. Users can apply for JioFiber connection with a one-month trial to all new users in India.

Benefit of JioFiber Broadband

1. Unlimited High Speed Internet and Symmetric Speed with JioFiber

jio fiber plan Unlimited High Speed Internet
JioFiber Benefit – Unlimited High Speed Internet
  • JioFiber Broadband connection offers High-Speed Internet up to 1Gbps.
  • Create Separate WiFi ID for guests and
  • Truly Unlimited Fastest broadband plans at affordable prices with speed from 30Mbps to 1 Gbps.
  • Jio Broadband Monthly plans with Symmetric Speed(Upload and Download Speeds are equal)
  • Enjoy internet, with the best Jio WiFi Mesh experience in every room of your home with JioWiFiMesh service.
  • Jio Plan Price starting at Rs. 399 and goes up to Rs 8,999 per month.

2. Jio TV Plus with 4K Set Top Box

jio fiber plan High Speed Gaming Experience
JioFiber Benefit – Jio TV Plus with 4K Set Top Box
  • Get Jio’s 4K Set Top Box
  • Get first-ever 4K Experience in India
  • Get access to 12 free OTT Platform
  • Enjoy entertainment 24/7 throughout the year with JioFiber Broadband
  • Use voice commands on JioRemote to control your TV
  • Unlimited videos, TV shows and best content library with your favourite apps.

3. Free HD Voice Calling to anyone, anywhere in India

jio fiber plan Free HD Voice Calling in India
JioFiber Benefit – Free HD Voice Calling
  • Get free voice calls with HD home calling service.
  • Use your landline or smartphone for intercom calling within your society
  • JioCall app provide stability of a landline on your smartphone
  • International calls at affordable prices.

4. TV Video Calling and Conferencing solution

jio fiber plan TV Video Calling and Conferencing solution
JioFiber Benefit – TV Video Calling and Conferencing solution
  • Free international video calls straight from your TV
  • Make high quality video calls and conference calls from home With JioTVCamera using any JioFiber connected TV.
  • Install JioCall app for a seamless, lag-free video conference on your smartphone.

5. Free Home Networking with JioFiber

jio fiber plan Free Home Networking
JioFiber Benefit – Free Home Networking
  • Home Networking is a FREE and easy way to access or share all your content (photos, music, videos & documents) across devices, anytime & anywhere in the world!
  • Share all content (photos, music, videos & documents) easily and free across devices using Home Networking.
  • Home Networking provides content sharing facilities anytime, anywhere in the world.
  • Simply connect your hard drive to the Jio Home Gateway or Jio STB and access your files anytime, anywhere using the JioHome app.
  • Sync your personal photos on to the Photos app and watch it on TV or access it on any device, anywhere using the JioHome app
  • Share your music easily across all your devices at home through the JioHome app

6. Keep Home Safe with Jio’s Security & Surveillance

jio fiber plan Keep Home Safe Security Surveillance
JioFiber Benefit – Keep Home Safe Security and Surveillance
  • Get connected with your Neighbourhood or society from anywhere With common-area cameras.
  • Keep family members safe with Jio’s 24/7 monitoring solution.
  • Enhance Outdoor Security and Watch Home visitors from anywhere in the world.
  • Indoor security will provide a 24/7 feed so you can keep a track of your home safety.
  • Access CCTV footage on the Cloud.

7. High Speed Gaming Experience with JioFiber Broadband

jio fiber plan High Speed Gaming Experience
JioFiber Benefit – High Speed Gaming Experience
  • Mixed-reality based gaming experience will redefine your gaming experience
  • experience Zero-latency gaming with JioFiber Broadband
  • Jio Set Top Box supports most gaming controllers
  • Use your smartphone as a gaming controller

JioFiber Offers Parallel Calls on Mobile Feature

JioFiber allows its user to bind their Jio mobile number and the JioFiberVoice number. It allows JioFiber Users to make and receive calls to all networks within India without any extra cost. The JioFiber Parallel Calls feature allows users to get notified on their smartphone whenever they get a call on the JioFiberVoice landline number.

Digital OTT Platform Subscription Services With JioFiber Plans

JioFiber broadband plans are bundled with Digital subscription Services to the top 12 PAID OTT platforms worth Rs. 1,800. JioFiber STB is required for accessing these OTT Apps.

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Videos
  • Disney+ Hotstar
  • ZEE5

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