Journey Of Life – Part 2

Hi Guys,

So, let’s take a dig at another level of the Journey of life.
After expectations, it is a failure that takes us to depression.

We fail, we depress. We fail, We lost.

The journey of life image failure is proof that we are not trying at our best level. We are trying but not with so much passion and interest.
Failure leads our brain to think again and again over a single issue and this resists us to see the beauty of the inner self and our other perceptions.

Girl Happiness

I guess instead of crying we should analyse some points:-

  • Why do we fail?
  • Is the failure ending of our task?
  • Should we try again or not?
  • Failure never makes us looser instead it makes us a warrior.
  • Try again and if it not works, then leave it and move on..!!
  • Never judge yourself over your failure and not let others do it for you.

There are many ways to make yourself bound to your failure but there are some ways also to recreate yourself after your failure.

We Rise – Journey of Life

Have a look over you, observe your talent and do the best for it so that you will shine like a star.
Face failure with attitude so that others will have tension why he is so normal
You are an awesome human being with outstanding talent. Just explore yourself and set an example.

“Success after failure is like the last bite of sweet that has an almond, makes you overwhelming.”

So, we Guru On Time team wants you to face your failure and blooms like a flower.


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