Laziness: What’s that, let’s cut that out !!

Laziness never dies, it stays with you in time of work or no work. It happens from the mind as well, and to boost that mind up,  training your brain cells is necessary. So, to burn out the laziness in you and bring that energy out, the simple minimalistic tips are important to jotted down: 

Top 5 Tips to Cut Out Laziness

1. Read: 

A good journal from best write ups can turn on bad lazy mood to good one. Get to internet search for best books, select your love for the category, filter out the best books for comic, romantic, philosophy, detective, drama etc and read them up. When you read good books you are addicted to it. And, the love for books will never betray your mood.

2. Write & Draw:

Best way to express your feelings, when you are low or down in messy feelings. Best way out to paint what you want. Not asking to join courses, but can paint your garden pots, or make your garden beautiful that doesn’t needs course to study. If not loving painting then get into writeup if you are good in expressing in writings. Take a secret diary jot-down your feelings and keep in safe place, if your not comfortable in sharing them up.

3. Mediate:

Always I say, bestest way of controlling your senses, mind body and soul is meditation. Sometimes 10-15 minutes of sound mind in meditation makes great miracles. When the mind is calm, whatever work you do, it eases out without facing difficulties. And it’s a true fact.

4. Music:

The bestest friend of today’s world for  introvert or extrovert or omnivert or any layman is the chords and music. The beauty of the music is making you feel the bliss. It gears up every bad mood, may it be lazy , sad, confused or fully messy its always a healer of every pain. If you are lover of music, then you know what I mean. And if not, I will request you to once in a day make a break of few minutes and give your ears &  mind the calm and soothing feel because music is love.

5. Surroundings:

Take a troll to neighbourhood, or the nearest park and if have terrace then take a walking for minimum 10 minutes. Believe me, will chillax for the moment and as I said take your music system in your stroll time, it will definitely refresh you up.

Before, any problem one should always find the root cause of that very problem i.e  laziness.

Generally in today’s date the reasons may be:

  • Unhealthy lifestyle – Diet we take, plays a major role. Unhealthy junky food, leads to bad appetite.
  • Overweight – Indirectly the unhealthy lifestyle leads to increase of obesity in today’s date.
  • Lack of sleep- Stress, tensions and bad habits like using gadgets are the real black sheep of lacking sleeplessness nights
  • Depression – And the above points, nevertheless brings depression situation in one life, and ruins the mental health of any person.

So, therefore cutting those laziness and unmotivated lifestyle can only be back fire by the simple aforementioned steps. Focus and keen observe the reasons and start following those tips and believe that the lazy feel will go away and will overcome all the lazy thoughts gradually. 

“Laziness travels so slowly that poverty soon overtakes him” 

Benjamin Franklin

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