After a busiest week, I sat down to write my column with number of good thoughts and ideas. But eventually, i received a call from a friend who is suffering from a tremor of failure in life. And ironically, my writing topic directly shifts towards the way, how to keep away from such thoughts and how one cope-up with the failure thoughts will.

Everyone hates to fail, but some people takes failure seriously and ends life miserably. Feeling of failure rewards you with innumerable mixed feelings of shame, anger, frustration, sadness and regret. Sometimes the shame leads to own self destruction, where the person almost fails to motivate himself in any situations and results in avoiding situations.

The few following tips always work wonder, to cut- throat failure and re- focus to life.

1. Balancing work life

An important aspect towards leading a good and healthy life is balancing home and work front. If we lose the balance, anyhow then quarrels, misunderstandings take place. So, one should make time for parents and your close ones, & give time. I mean everyone has 24 hours, and we need to use each and every moment of life. The time which once gone is gone forever, so recreate and relive every moment

2. Happiness and Energy high

When you keep your surroundings happy go lucky, then it’s obvious your mental hygiene will automatically be energetic and stress free. Happiness always keeps energy high. Good vibes attracts good thoughts, and good thoughts keep you happy, and happy mind keeps energy high.

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3. Winning trick of “failure”

One shouldn’t be sad for the failures, but take lessons and keep moving. Learn and accept the truth of failure and find the reasons of it. Start over more brightly after the failure with full determination. And a famous quote always reminds me is “try try & try you will succeed”.

4. Say “NO” where necessary

Yes, learn to say “no” where necessary. Every yes is not mandatory in the situation. Where your heart felt is wrong is wrong, no need to follow the path which is wrong, and don’t start moving because the public is moving. Sometimes they too are wrong, henceforth they can lead to wrong path.

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5. Life lessons learnt

Try to learn from everything that happens to you, then you will realize that they are not mistakes. You will definitely understand everything happens for a reason.

6. Spiritual diet

Sometimes follow path of spiritual serenity, prayer heals the soul. Sometimes after failure spiritual enlistment is necessary. When no one helps you in your situations, somewhere the ONE “THE GOD” helps you. Follow the blog of prayer

7. Success vs Failure

These two goes hand in hand. Learning from failure is the key to success. Until you will fail, you will never get the taste of what success means. Success never comes in a day, week, month or year. It comes by perseverance, determination and positive mindset.

The mantra of failure to success is just not to get afraid of the situations, but to standby it and challenge the failure that success one day will knock you down.

I allow myself to fail, I allow myself to break. I am not afraid of flaws.

Lady Gaga

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