Why Most People Remain Unhappy In a Relationship?

Most of the people are not happy and satisfied in their relationship. However, despite these certain circumstances the relationship is more challenging, but people cannot separate themselves from the partner in a relationship.

Then the question arises, why do people want to remain in a relationship in which they are unhappy or not satisfied?

People Remain In a Relationship
People Remain In a Relationship

The answer has been found in a study about an unhappy relationship

According to a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, most people remain in a relationship in which they are unhappy or not satisfied with their partners. They do not break up because they feel that doing so will not be right for another person. When the other partner is more dependent on the relationship when people consider ending the relationship, they also feel that their partner may want to continue the relationship and that is why they do not break up. Study lead author Samantha Joel said, “The more dependent people believed their partner was on the relationship, the less likely they were to initiate a breakup,” 

What did Expert Say About an Unhappy Relationship?

Experts believe that break up with your lover is not so easy. Not only this, if one partner is happy and satisfied in the relationship while the other is not, then break up with your partner and leave a relationship becomes more difficult.

What do the other studies say?

According to other studies, The time spend with your partner with emotions and relationships decides whether you want to stay in an unhappy relationship or not. Many times people remain in such a relationship when they do not have another option or they are afraid of being alone.

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