5 Paragliding Destinations in India

Paragliding is an adventure sport enjoys freedom like a bird. Some best paragliding destinations in India, you will see the beauty of the land from the sky. This adventure sport is getting more attention among tourists and locals in the last few years. It is one of the most popular adventure sports. India’s diverse geography and terrain offer breathtaking paragliding experiences for tourists to get a fun-filled and safe experience. If you want to kiss the heights of the sky through paragliding, then there are many facilities in the country. We hope these top five paragliding destinations in India help you choose the perfect one.

Explore Top Destinations for Paragliding in India:

1. Sikkim

Paragliding destination Sikkim, India

Sikkim is quite famous for its natural beauty. Sikkim also has many paragliding spots. There is a great place here from take-off to landing. Apart from this, training for paragliding is also provided here.

Location – North East India
Best time to visit – March to June

2. Kunjapuri

Paragliding destination Kunjapuri, India

Kunjapura of Uttarakhand is considered a good tourist spot. You can also experience paragliding here. From the heights of the sky, you will be able to see the mountains of Shivalik and Gangotri through paragliding.

Location – Uttarakhand
Best time to visit – Sunrise and sunset (throughout the year)

3. Bir Billing

Paragliding destination Bir Billing, India

The most spectacular paragliding spot in the country is in Bir Billing of Himachal Pradesh. Every year a lot of people come here to enjoy paragliding. You will feel like a paradise here during paragliding

Location – Himachal Pradesh
Best time to visit – March to June

4. Nandi Hills

Paragliding destination Nandi Hills, India

This city of Bangalore also has paragliding facilities. There are many fantastic hill destinations here where you can enjoy exciting sports like paragliding.

Location – Bangalore
Best time to visit – October to June

5. Pavana

Paragliding destination-Pavana, India

If you want, you can enjoy paragliding in Pavana, about 65 km from Pune in Maharashtra. Putting your wings on the mountains, when you fly over the Pavana Lake, something else happens.

Location – Maharashtra
Best time to visit – November to March

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