The Most Expensive Half Fry in Mumbai Is In

A few years back I visited Mumbai with my friends, and I am sharing my experience now!!

It has been done. The most expensive half fry in the world has been found. If you are in Mumbai, you know how important fast food is for the survival of everyone in the city.

And if you are experimental in your eating habits, you know what the half fry is. But for reasons of making this article make sense, we shall describe a half fry for you.

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Essentially, the half fry is an egg fry, but the yolk side is kept almost raw, with only seasoning. The half fry is another part of the fast-paced world that you will – or should – experience some day.


This humble dish is available at the roadside eateries and is mostly consumed with pav. And there’s a generous amount of garnishing available.

Now, when we first started eating the half fry, it was for ten rupees. Add a few more pav, and you are twenty rupees poorer, but with a satiated tummy.

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We know that the prices have increased since a while now, but the prices we experienced at this roadside eatery definitely makes this a King’s Lunch.

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For two half fries and four pav, they charged ninety rupees. Here’s what one can do in ninety rupees in Mumbai – today

Buy ten vadapavs – that’d feed a family

Get the half plate of any damn Chinese dish that they’d want.

Watch the latest blockbuster in the cheap’n’early shows in a multiplex.

Get a 750 ml bottle of London Pilsner beer if you know where to search.

Buy 8 packs of Appy juice – the one we get for 10 bucks, and still have ten bucks left.

Well, so now you know where to go if you are feeling too rich.

Keep Travelling and create Story…!!

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