Meeting New People Terrifies Me.

Meeting new people terrifies me. Alright, a bit off blog topic and I know it does for a lot of people and I’m just being a great, big baby but the truth is that I’m scared of people and I pretty much always have been. Generally, though, I’m cool with that.

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When it comes to my fear of new with people, I understand that about myself and that I don’t have a choice but to interact with people and I need to be friendly or at least professional — it’s an anxiety thing and a work in progress but it works out. Usually, at least. In fact when people find out that I have severe social anxiety they usually seem genuinely and sincerely surprised to hear that. Which is nice, it means I’m doing a good job at keeping my problems from becoming a problem for everyone else.

Meeting new people
Meet New People

Do I talk to myself too much?

Not the topic, though. The topic is meeting new people and the new people I’m meeting happen to be my actual long, lost stepsister (my stepfather’s daughter that he didn’t know about until 5 years ago – we’ll call her Birdie for the sake of anonymity) and her girlfriend (who I’ll call Lilah). First time meeting, I can’t wait but I’m also terrified. Will she like me? Will I annoy her or ask weird questions about her religion (that I’m dying to ask) and entirely alienate her? Do I talk to myself too much? Yes to that last thing.

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I don’t know much about Birdie other than she’s a Buddhist, they’re both very successful and drop-dead gorgeous. And I’m meeting them both tomorrow. Eeep! I’m not sure what I’m going to do, or how I should act because I haven’t been given much information on either Bridie or Lilah. I just hope I don’t make too poor a showing.

So wish me luck, everyone! I’ve got sisters and friends to meet!

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