Tips to Avoid Weather Change Allergy

Many people are very allergic to Weather Change. The reason behind this is due to excessive reduction of immunity in the body. The body immune system, which is made up of organs, special cells, tissues, and proteins. It everyday defends people against germs and microorganisms to keeping people healthy and preventing infections. Vitamin C present in the body is very important to enhance the immune system of a person. Ascorbic Acid present in Vitamin C is soluble in water, well known for its role in supporting a healthy immune system.


Vitamins C is an essential element for the body along with iron, calcium and minerals. Vitamin C is presented in citrus fruits and very necessary for the growth of tissues, cells and strengthen disease resistance.

Consume Vitamin C Rich Food to Avoid Weather Change Allergy

healthy fruits and vegetables - Vitamin C
healthy fruits and vegetables – Vitamin C
  • Eat fruits like orange, lemon, amla, seasonal, tomatoes, granulation every day. Eating marmalade every morning in your breakfast gives more benefit in developing a healthy immune system. You can also drink amla juice in the morning.
  • Green leafy vegetables are the best to enhance immunity. Consume green coriander, sapling leaves, mint, etc.
  • Sprouted grains and Chyavanprash contain rich amount of Vitamin C.

Be sure to develop a healthy lifestyle and include Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables in your diet to avoid weather change allergy this season.

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