Tips for At office to Work from Home

Meantime, work from home became a new style of attending office and meetings and became a normative work culture. When there was a time when sometimes just to cut out daily monotonous workflow we think of work from home. But due to the pandemic situation, WFH became the new working style of every being. Tech people soon or after switching their work status to “WFH -Work From Home” solely for the year or more. Therefore mastering the work from home is necessary to relive the 8-10 hours sitting and working at home, and to make the hours active and happy go working hours.

1. Work Space:

Neat and clean space keeps the mind cool and calm, therefore the working space always needs to be quite coolest. Ideally working in a room for hours is not easy but when you are a family person, managing & tackling kids is also a part, then working in a closed room door is just difficult. And importantly sitting posture is also important, investing your sitting place to be in quite a comfortable place so that could work for long, without body aches and backaches.

2. Regular breaks:

Stretch, Refresh & Refocus is important. Just a minute break is necessary once in a while to refresh mood. We often do in the office by just walking to the coffee maker while in time of work. Therefore breaks are mandatory to break the monotonous vibes.

3. Use timer:

In the working slot, a minimal rescheduling of work is productive. Sometimes mindful breaks are important to get back to work.
4. Light Music: While in breaks certain soft music is important to refresh the minute of a break. And that of course doesn’t means party music on the background while having ongoing meetings and during client calls, otherwise that will be hilarious.

5. Do not disturb:

No to unuseful phone calls and avoiding talking zone is mandatory while you are at work. That doesn’t means to put a donot distrub board on your room door. But cutting out distractions as much as possible. Use good headphones and headgears for noise cancellation of neighbours and family.Find a quite space for working where rare disturbance is made, otherwise focussing in your office work will be somewhat difficult.

6. Don’t multitask:

Focus on the work, don’t multitask, otherwise none of the work would be fruitfull. 

7. Plan workflow:

Organize- Rescedule- maintain calender . Work like you are working at office. If it is required try to communicate with your teammates and discuss when needed. strategic planning is always needed, whether you are at home or office.

Since the onset, of the pandemic virus made to shift their work culture totally, making it quite tough. Establishing working habit in home and ensuring physical and mental health is whereby necessary as well. Maintaing productivity and guiding houshold chores needs lots of balancing skills simultaneously.Downtime for oneself is too required.

Therefore, keeping all stuff at one-line is quite challenging ought enjoyable, adopting the new style is the only way by combating all the situations. Oh yes!! Work from home is sometimes exciting, profitable, and even empowering, provided you are realistic about the pros and cons. Therefore adopt a new upgraded status of life from onwards, “at office to office at home”.


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