World’s Most Admired Man 2019

World’s Most Admired 2019: YouGov, UK-based market research and data analyst firm releases the most acclaimed list of World’s Most Admired Man 2019 based on online voting. The List of the world Most Admired Man and Woman is based on an online survey done by over 42,000 people in 41 countries for its annual study, around the globe.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates remains the world’s most admired man, according to YouGov’s annual study of which public figures the people across the globe search for.

Worlds Most Admired Man Women 2019
Worlds Most Admired Man and Women 2019

Bill Gates Tops World’s Most Admired 2019:

One of the richest personalities in the world, Bill Gates, has been considered by Yugov the most admired person in the world. They are on the top of this list. Apart from this, former US President Barack Obama, Jackie Chang, Xi Jingping and Alibaba founder Jack Ma are in the top 5 ahead of Modi. US President Donald Trump has been ranked very low on the list of acclaimed people. He is 14th on this list. Russian President Putin is at number 10 on this list. At the same time, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has been ranked at number 17.

2019 World’s Most Admired person from India:

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also the highest-rated Indian on this list. He is the only politician to make his position on the list. The other three names on this list are from Bollywood. It features Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan on 12th, 16 and 18th position respectively.

List of World’s Most Admired Man 2019

RankManAdmiration Score
1Bill Gates9.60%
2Barack Obama 9.20%
3Jackie Chan5.70%
4Xi Jinping5.10%
5Jack Ma4.90%
6Narendra Modi4.80%
7Cristiano Ronaldo4.30%
8Dalai Lama4.20%
9Lionel Messi3.80%
10Vladimir Putin3.70%
11Warren Buffett3.30%
12Amitabh Bachchan2.90%
13Elon Musk2.90%
14Donald Trump2.50%
15Pope Francis2.40%
16Shahrukh Khan2.20%
17Imran Khan1.90%
18Salman Khan1.70%
19Recep Tayyip Erdogan1.50%
20Andy Lau1.50%

World Most Admired Man from 1946 to 2019:

Barack Obama has been the ‘Most Admired Man’ in the World for 11 Years. In 2019, he holds the second position in the “World’s Most Admired Person” List.

YearMost Admired Man
2019Bill Gates 
2018Barack Obama
2017Barack Obama
2016Barack Obama
2015Barack Obama
2014Barack Obama
2013Barack Obama
2012Barack Obama
2011Barack Obama
2010Barack Obama
2009Barack Obama
2008Barack Obama
2007George W. Bush
2006George W. Bush
2005George W. Bush
2004George W. Bush
2003George W. Bush
2002George W. Bush
2001George W. Bush
2000Bill Clinton
1999Bill Clinton
1998Bill Clinton
1997Bill Clinton
1996Bill Clinton
1995Bill Clinton
1994Bill Clinton
1993Bill Clinton
1992George H. W. Bush
1991George H. W. Bush
1990George H. W. Bush
1989George H. W. Bush
1988Ronald Reagan
1987Ronald Reagan
1986Ronald Reagan
1985Ronald Reagan
1984Ronald Reagan
1983Ronald Reagan
1982Ronald Reagan
1981Ronald Reagan
1980Pope John Paul II
1979Jimmy Carter
1978Jimmy Carter
1977Jimmy Carter
1975Henry Kissinger
1974Henry Kissinger
1973Henry Kissinger
1972Richard Nixon
1971Richard Nixon
1970Richard Nixon
1969Richard Nixon
1968Dwight Eisenhower
1967Dwight Eisenhower
1966Lyndon Johnson
1965Lyndon Johnson
1964Lyndon Johnson
1963Lyndon Johnson
1962John F. Kennedy
1961John F. Kennedy
1960Dwight Eisenhower
1959Dwight Eisenhower
1958Dwight Eisenhower
1957Dwight Eisenhower
1956Dwight Eisenhower
1955Dwight Eisenhower
1954Dwight Eisenhower
1953Dwight Eisenhower
1952Dwight Eisenhower
1951Douglas MacArthur
1950Dwight Eisenhower
1949Harry Truman
1948Harry Truman
1947Douglas MacArthur ^
1946Douglas MacArthur ^

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