World’s Most Admired Women 2019

World’s Most Admired Woman 2019: YouGov, a market research and data analyst firm in the UK. The most acclaimed list of World’s Most Admired Woman 2019 was based on an online survey. Over 42,000 people in 41 countries participated in the world Most Admired Man and Woman 2019 list.

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According to the online survey of YouGov, Michelle Obama former first Lady of USA has been ranked 1st in the world’s most admired woman and while Oprah Winfrey and Angelina Jolie are at 2nd and 3rd ranking.

Worlds Most Admired Man Women 2019
Worlds Most Admired Man and Women 2019

List of World’s Most Admired Woman 2019

RankWomanAdmiration Score
1Michelle Obama8.80%
2Oprah Winfrey6.90%
3Angelina Jolie6.80%
4Queen Elizabeth II5.90%
5Emma Watson4.00%
6Malala Yousafzai3.90%
7Peng Liyuan3.90%
8Hillary Clinton3.60%
9Tu Youyou3.50%
10Taylor Swift3.30%
12Angela Merkel2.80%
13Deepika Padukone2.80%
14Priyanka Chopra2.80%
15Ellen Degeneres2.70%
16Aishwarya Rai2.70%
17Sushmita Sen2.20%
18Theresa May2.00%
19Melania Trump1.60%
20Yang Mi1.30%

Indian Woman in World’s Most Admired list:

According to the online survey of YouGov, Indian Bollywood industry diva Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Aishwarya Rai, and Sushmita Sen appeared in the list at numbers 13, 14, 16 and 17 respectively. Susmita Sen is a newcomer in the World’s Most Admired Woman list of YouGov.

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World Most Admired Woman from 1946 to 2019:

YearMost Admired Man
2019Michelle Obama
2018Michelle Obama
2017Hillary Rodham Clinton
2016Hillary Rodham Clinton
2015Hillary Rodham Clinton
2014Hillary Rodham Clinton
2013Hillary Rodham Clinton
2012Hillary Rodham Clinton
2011Hillary Rodham Clinton
2010Hillary Rodham Clinton
2009Hillary Rodham Clinton
2008Hillary Rodham Clinton
2007Hillary Rodham Clinton
2006Hillary Rodham Clinton
2005Hillary Rodham Clinton
2004Hillary Rodham Clinton
2003Hillary Rodham Clinton
2002Hillary Rodham Clinton
2001Laura Bush
2000Hillary Rodham Clinton
1999Hillary Rodham Clinton
1998Hillary Rodham Clinton
1997Hillary Rodham Clinton
1996Mother Teresa
1995Mother Teresa
1994Hillary Rodham Clinton
1993Hillary Rodham Clinton
1992Barbara Bush
1991Barbara Bush
1990Margaret Thatcher
1989Margaret Thatcher
1988Margaret Thatcher
1987Nancy Reagan
1986Mother Teresa
1985Nancy Reagan
1984Margaret Thatcher
1983Margaret Thatcher
1982Margaret Thatcher
1981Nancy Reagan
1980Mother Teresa / Rosalynn Carter
1979Rosalynn Carter
1978Betty Ford
1977Rosalynn Carter
1975Betty Ford
1974Golda Meir
1973Golda Meir
1972Pat Nixon
1971Golda Meir
1970Mamie Eisenhower
1969Mamie Eisenhower
1968Ethel Kennedy
1966Jacqueline Kennedy
1965Jacqueline Kennedy
1964Jacqueline Kennedy
1963Jacqueline Kennedy
1962Jacqueline Kennedy
1961Eleanor Roosevelt
1960Eleanor Roosevelt
1959Eleanor Roosevelt
1958Eleanor Roosevelt
1957Eleanor Roosevelt
1956Eleanor Roosevelt
1955Eleanor Roosevelt
1954Eleanor Roosevelt
1953Eleanor Roosevelt
1952Eleanor Roosevelt
1951Sister Elizabeth Kenny
1950Eleanor Roosevelt
1949Eleanor Roosevelt
1948Eleanor Roosevelt

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