7 Coolest Ways to Create Wedding Invitation Video Online

When you plan to enter a new phase of your life, i.e., your marriage, the first step in your wedding plan includes deciding the wedding destination, pre-wedding shoots and the list goes on. The purpose is to make it memorable for a lifetime. Designing your wedding invitation is one of the most important parts of wedding planning. Everyone wants to be creative about their wedding invitations. 

How to create a video for your Wedding invitation ?

A new and innovative concept of wedding invitation is creating a video of your invitation, which gives the invite a personal touch. To create a video of your wedding invitation, you can either seek professional help, or you can try out an online invitation maker that can help you construct a personalized video of your wedding invitation. 

The online invitation makers are equipped with various templates to help you design a video theme of your choice. Here are some of the basic details that should be included in your video invitation to make it look complete:

  • Choose beautiful wedding fonts for the information you intend to share in the video invitation – The right font is one of the important aspects of any wedding invitation. The use of calligraphy is popular in wedding invitations. 
  • Add images with a wedding theme – You can use pictures to personalize your video. Additionally, images can help grab the attention of the viewers. When you plan to make the video on your own, you can control the images that go in your video invitation. Also, you can add your photos from your phone or camera. 
  • Use icons to add joy to the video invitation – You can use various icons such as hearts, flowers, stars, swirls, spirals, and others that help you add life and joy to your video. 

Tips to Create Best Wedding Invitation Video

A video wedding invitation is the first hint to your guests about the type of wedding you are planning. The colors, style, theme, and images reflected in your video invitation could tell a story about your wedding day. 

Here are some of the ways in which you can create your own wedding invitation video online:

  • Personalized wedding video invitations – Some old photos of the couple can add a personal touch to your video and can be inviting for your guests. 
  • Story of you being together in a video – You can narrate your love story or journey from the time you met to your engagement. There are templates available on video maker websites that can help you create such a story.
  • Save-the-date video – You can use photos from your engagement and add text to them to let your guests know about your special day. 
  • Change-in-the-plan video – This type of video is helpful when the invitations are already out, but you need to make some changes to your plans. A video can help you convey the message through a personal announcement. 
  • Paper wedding invitations videos – Some of the paper wedding invitation ideas are romantic, floral bouquets, eco-friendly, nautical, vintage travel, and others. You can make use of these paper themes as background for your video invitations. 

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Creative Wedding Video Invitation Creation Ideas

Some of the coolest creative video ideas for your wedding invitation are as follows:

  • Cultural wedding invitation – If you and your family follow some wedding traditions, you can make it a part of your video invitation. In this video, you can share the details of a tea party, Mehendi, Haldi, and other details. Make it easy for your guests to understand where and when the celebrations are happening and other important events during the wedding. 
  • Stop-motion video – You can opt for a stop-motion type of video to let your guests know about the details of your wedding. 
  • Hobby-themed video invitation – If the couple has a common hobby, you can incorporate it as a theme for your invitation. You can both be involved in a sport you like or watch a movie that you both love. These options can let the guests feel that the invitation is a reflection of you. 
  • Floral wedding invitation – If you like a particular flower, you can include it in your wedding decorations or bouquet and use it in your video invitation as well. For instance, you can film your video in a sunflower field and add some playful text to the video to share other information. 
  • Seasonal wedding invitation – Seasons offer various visual inspirations, whether you plan your wedding in winters or summers. For instance, if you plan your wedding in the spring season, you can opt for bright colors in your video inspired by the blooming flowers. Whereas, if the wedding is in winter, then you can plan for blue shades. 
  • Wedding style – You can give a vintage or a rustic look to your video wedding invitation. You can make a romantic video in lush green grass with instrumental music and delicate images. Additionally, you can opt for some smooth transitions and sophisticated text to give your invitation an elegant look. 
  • Monochrome wedding invitations – You can choose one color of your invitation and use it to create a contemporary wedding invite. Many shades of one color can make the video invitation look attractive and let your guests know about the color theme for your wedding. 

As more and more people choose to go eco-friendly, an online wedding invitation video is a waste-free option to the traditional expensive invitations. Additionally, it helps to give a personal touch to the invitation for the special day. Thus, to get your wedding invitation video online, you can seek help from professionals or make your own through various online video makers. These video makers are equipped with templates that can help you create attractive videos at a very low cost and in no time. 


We hope that these few tips will definitely help you plan for creating a wedding invitation with ease and no time to make your wedding a memorable one!

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